Weekly Dev Tips

Weekly Dev Tips

Weekly Dev Tips offers a variety of technical and career tips for software developers. Each tip is quick and to the point, describing a problem and one or more ways to solve that problem. I don't expect every tip to be useful to every developer, but I hope you'll find enough of them valuable to make listening worth your time.

Hosted by experienced software architect, trainer, and entrepreneur Steve Smith, also known online as @ardalis.

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    005: New is Glue

    Be wary of the 'new' keyword in your code, and recognize the decision you're making by using it.

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    004: Guard Clauses

    Your methods should fail fast, if doing so can short-circuit their execution. Guard clauses are a programming technique that enables this behavior, resulting in smaller, simpler functions.

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    003: Listen Faster

    If you can do it without getting left behind, listen or watch educational content at a higher speed.

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    002: Check In Often

    As a developer, you should be using source control. You should probably be using distributed source control. And you should check in, probably more often than you think.

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