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Weekly Dev Tips offers a variety of technical and career tips for software developers. Each tip is quick and to the point, describing a problem and one or more ways to solve that problem. I don't expect every tip to be useful to every developer, but I hope you'll find enough of them valuable to make listening worth your time.

Hosted by experienced software architect, trainer, and entrepreneur Steve Smith, also known online as @ardalis.

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    014: Smarter Enumerations

    Enumerations are a very primitive type that are frequently overused. In many scenarios, actual objects are a better choice.

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    013: Be Thankful and Show Gratitude

    It's highly unlikely that you're a software developer who works in a vacuum. Here are a few tips for showing your gratitude to the people, companies, products, and tools that help you to be successful.

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    012: Primitive Obsession

    Primitive Obsession describes code in which the design relies too heavily on primitive types, rather than solution-specific abstractions. It often results in more verbose code with more duplication of logic, since logic cannot be embedded with the primitive types used.

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    011: Encapsulating Collection Properties

    Encapsulation is a key aspect of object-oriented programming and software engineering. Unfortunately, many systems fail to properly encapsulate collection properties, resulting in reduced quality.

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    010: Pain Driven Development

    Many of you have probably heard of various "DD" approaches to writing software. There's TDD, or Test Driven Development. There's BDD, for Behavior Driven Development. In this tip, I want to introduce you to another one, PDD: Pain Driven Development.

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    009: Data Transfer Objects (part 2)

    One classification of objects in many applications is the Data Transfer Object, or DTO. Here are some more tips that may help you avoid problems when using these objects.

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    008: Data Transfer Objects (part 1)

    One classification of objects in many applications is the Data Transfer Object, or DTO. Here are some tips that may help you avoid problems when using these objects.

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    007: Prefer Custom Exceptions

    Low level built-in exception types offer little context and are much harder to diagnose than custom exceptions that can use the language of the model or application.

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    005: New is Glue

    Be wary of the 'new' keyword in your code, and recognize the decision you're making by using it.

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    004: Guard Clauses

    Your methods should fail fast, if doing so can short-circuit their execution. Guard clauses are a programming technique that enables this behavior, resulting in smaller, simpler functions.

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    003: Listen Faster

    If you can do it without getting left behind, listen or watch educational content at a higher speed.

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    002: Check In Often

    As a developer, you should be using source control. You should probably be using distributed source control. And you should check in, probably more often than you think.

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